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      Zhejiang Jiahuan Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded on April, 1968, which mainly engaged in the research and development as well as production of the dust extraction environmental protection equipment and more than 40 years of the development history. The company covers an area of 66,000 square meters and building area of 38,000 square meters. The company has fixed assets of nearly RMB 200 million Yuan and possesses the annual production capacity of more than RMB 500 million Yuan on the dust extraction and environment-friendly products. The main products manufactured by the company include: electric precipitation high-voltage power supply device (pulsed power supply, high-frequency power supply, medium-frequency power supply, three-phase power supply, working frequency power supply, low-power dry-type high-frequency power supply), low-voltage power supply device, electric precipitation long-distance intelligent management control system, electric precipitator, bag dust collector, wet electrical dust precipitator, and so on. 

      In 2006, the first high-frequency and high voltage power supply was successfully developed by the company. In 2009, 144kW large-power high frequency and high voltage power supply was firstly applied in the industrial fields in China to obtain the "Excellent Industry New Product Award of Zhejiang Province". In 2012, the company won the "Excellent Industry New Product and New Technology Award of Zhejiang Province" on the high-frequency and high-voltage power supply. The products manufactured by the company were successively listed in the "National Level Torch Plan Project" and "Key National Level Torch Plan Project" and won "Excellent Chinese Environmental Protection Device", the electric precipitator automotive control device has won the award of the "National Science and Technology Progress Award" twice. The company has more than 30 various kinds of patents including 4 patents for invention. Jiahuan Enterprise is not only a drafting unit for the national electric precipitator high-frequency power supply and working frequency power supply standard, but also a drafting unit for the power supply model selection report of the electric precipitator for the coal-fired power plant. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system and 3C certification. At present, there are more than 300 employees in the company and the technicians with the college degree or above account for 67% of the total number of people. There are 49 senior technical staffs and 3 employees who may enjoy the special allowance from the State Council. There are 2 employees who have been the committee members of the National Standardization Technical Committee of Environmentally Friendly Products.

      Zhejiang Jiahuan Electronic Co., Ltd. has developed into a leading enterprise in the domestic dust extraction and environmental protection device industry by depending on the technological innovation and focusing on the business management, and after more than 40 years of continuous efforts. The company successively was granted to the various honorary titles such as "National-level New High-tech Enterprise", "Key High-tech Enterprise for the National Torch Plan", "Environmental Protection Backbone Enterprise in China", "National Environmental Protection Advanced Technology Enterprise", "Small and Medium-sized Growing Enterprises in 500 Enterprises in China", "Environmental Protection Industry Base in Zhejiang Province" and "Enterprise Technology Center in Zhejiang Province"by the related high-level departments. The "Jiahuan" trademark has been awarded as the famous trademark in Zhejiang Province for 15 consecutive years and the electric precipitator computer-controlled high and low voltage power supply device has been awarded as the famous-brand product in Zhejiang Province.

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About Us
About Us
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